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Inter-American Group, Inc. (IAG) offers a team of experts to assist businessmen and companies with obtaining travel documents such as passports and/or visas for their employees. This provides a unique opportunity for companies to have a direct contact through which they can obtain all required documents and information for their employees’ travel plans. Avoid business losses because of a lack of necessary documentation. When Time and Trust count, you can rely on our company to give quick and secure solutions!

What we can offer you for Business Corporate Travel:


  • Quick Service: We will provide a direct link for us to work together so that you receive your employees’ travel documents as quickly as possible, in time for their trip.
  • Discount: We can provide a special rate for business groups that need several travel documents or a special discount for frequent use of our services.
  • Top Quality Customer Service: We will gladly answer all questions and provide detailed instructions for each service, as well as updates throughout the process for your employees or their representatives.


We are a leading company in the processing of travel documents; we have a team of professionals ready to assist you and guide you through every step, in the most secure manner possible. A great deal of companies rely their employees’ passport and visa needs to us and this is the perfect opportunity to create a partnership which will simplify the process even more. Give us a call today to 202-223-7203 for more information on our partnership opportunities.


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